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Get Real About Real Estate—Book Flip and Dani to Speak

Invest Smart, Live Happy.

The Purpose Factor® discovery system taught to the U.S. Military and the book promised to unlock the keys to success by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Tony Dungy

Flip Robison and Dani Lynn Robison Have Been Featured in Media Outlets Like:

Flip Robison and Dani Lynn Robison Have Been Featured in Media Outlets and Events Like Forbes, Get Rich Education, Realty411, PowerRoom Mastermind,  7-Figure Flipping, and Flip Hacking Live.

Flip & Dani's Signature Talk

Flip and Dani Lynn Robison are real estate authors, speakers, and investors, together they founded no less than 7 real estate companies based in Ohio. Flip and Dani Lynn have personally experienced every side of real estate investing, from being real estate agents, then fix-and-flippers, to now owning companies in property management, project management, realty, acquisitions, and marketing. Check out their upcoming TEDx Talk, "Get Real: Stop Telling Yourself You Can't" below!

Praise for Brian & Gab's Work ...

"What is the difference between success and failure? Having a purpose. Brian and Gabrielle Bosché show us this clearly in The Purpose Factor. The Purpose Factor unlocks the keys to living a successful and purposeful life."

–Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Hollywood Actor

"The secret to success is good leadership, and good leadership is all about making the lives of others better. This should be your purpose daily. The purpose that defines you and drives you. “The Purpose Factor” lays out how to find your purpose and let it lead you to success."

–Tony Dungy, Pro Football Hall of Fame Coach

"Regardless of whatever I do, I know what my purpose is: to make a difference in people's lives. That is my purpose. What is yours? You need more than to just know what your purpose is, you need to understand how to carry out God’s purpose for you. That is where “The Purpose Factor” comes in. Gabrielle and Brian Bosché in this book not only help you discover your purpose but provide the plan to live your purpose as He wants you too."

–Tim Tebow, Winner of the Heisman Trophy

“Mentally, every day I get my mind and body in the right place because I have a purpose. My purpose drives and motivates me. Find how to open up your purpose by reading The Purpose Factor. Once you find your purpose, it will change your life."

–Simone Biles, Five-Time Olympic Medalist

Flip Robison and Dani Lynn Robison Are Owners of A Portfolio of Real Estate Companies:

Flip Robison and Dani Lynn Robison Are Leaders And Founders of No Less Than 7 Real Estate Companies, Including: Freedom Family Investments, Freedom Family Funding, Bulldog Renovations, Independence Property Management, and Independence Realty.

Get Real: Being Authentic & Human

Getting Real About Real Estate Comes With Two Realizations

The first epiphany is that the successful investors doing what you want to be doing are human, and you can do what they do. The next realization is that you're going to make some mistakes along the way and that's normal. The tendency on social media is only to share highlights, which makes it seem like some people are just super-human, or else they're extremely lucky. That's really not how it is in real life, and it's a disservice to new investors to present an overly polished, edited, shiny version of investing—real estate can be a dirty job, but the dirtiest jobs often represent the greatest opportunities.

We've Made Mistakes In Investing But They Turned Out To Be The Best Lessons

One time, we spent $40k on renovations that simply never happened. How is that even possible? Well, a couple of mistakes compounded on top of each other... Firstly, the contractor we hired for the renovations was sending us renovation update pictures all along. The only thing was, the pictures were of a different construction site! We hired the wrong guy, he was clearly working with a very unique code of ethics... But we could have saved ourself from that mistake if we had checked the construction site ourselves, which we didn't, because we were duped by the photo-updates. It turned out to be a valuable—albeit expensive—lesson and we like to share that story for education, but also to show green investors that hitting bumps along the way happens to everyone.

Investing For A Purpose

One of our favorite causes is "Operation Underground Railroad" their mission is to combat human trafficking and they perform sting operations with former Navy SEALs.

Another of our favorite causes is "Together Saving Paws" which focuses on keeping canines out of harms way, by providing them with bullet-proof vests for operations such as performed by OUR.

Giving Back

Giving back was a big part of growing up for Flip and Dani, they weren't from rich families, but their families taught them the value of helping others. Investing with the sole purpose of personal gain isn't enough to feed the soul. Flip and Dani have always seen investing as a tool that can help them help others. This aspect of investing is one of their most passionate subjects—on stage, they often emphasize how empowering it is to operate with a higher purpose.






Higher Purpose

Working together with investors to find their "why" is one of Flip and Dani's specialties. It often comes up in their talks—understanding your higher purpose helps to practically navigate the world of investing but perhaps more importantly establishing your purpose helps to find clarity, motivation and inspiration.

Most Requested Topics

The Impatient Investor's Guide to Real Estate:

We have gone through it all as real estate investors—if you'd like to avoid the hazards and map out the most direct path forward, leverage our experience to accelerate your success.

How We Made $2M in 21 Months Without Losing Sleep or Selling Friends:

Our biggest real estate windfall to date is a story of big ups and downs, it's a story of tribulation and triumph, it was the rehab of a lifetime!

7 Mindset Mistakes Blocking Your Breakthrough:

Take a step back and figure out the winner's mindset. Preconcieved notions are preventing you from reaching your potential in real estate and investing, let's dissolve these mental blocks and progress.

Finding Your Financial Freedom—How The 1% Think, Invest, and Design Their Lives:

Most people plan their vacations more thoroughly than they plan their lives. This is not so amongst the wealthy... Did you know that the richest people have the highest debt? That's because the rich think differently and use debt as a tool.

Simplified Strategies For Building Wealth

Life gets complicated on it's own, don't make it trickier than it has to be. There is a simplicity that comes with wisdom and experience that we want to share with you investors, so you can reduce the stress and increase your return on time invested.

More Praise for Brian & Gab's Work

“This book will change your life forever. It shows you how to become absolutely clear about who you are, what you really want, and how to achieve all your goals.”

–Brian Tracy, Bestselling Author and Personal Development Legend

"Many fail in life because they have been unable to achieve singleness of purpose. Purpose is what determines success both personally and professionally. Without purpose there is no success. Brian and Gabrielle Bosché understand this and have written The Purpose Factor so everyone can discover what their purpose is and achieve the success they desire."

–Gary Keller, NYT Bestselling Author of The ONE Thing

"Living passionately on-purpose and committed to your purpose makes live thrillingly worthwhile, enjoyable, and meaningful. This book will get your purposefulness to become a white hot desire that has you rise higher and higher."

–Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Book Series

"Without a purpose, success cannot be achieved. Every great venture begins with a purpose. Discover your purpose and achieve success. The Purpose Factor is the book you need for both."

–Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest Airlines

Authored by Flip & Dani

Get Real: Understand Real Estate Before It's Too Late

Flip and Dani want you to succeed. Their book "Get Real" will teach you the market cycles of real estate investing. They share their story to help you  develop quicker on your real estate journey.

Real estate can be intimidating, especially when the gurus put on a façade of perfection and elitism. You don't need to be perfect to invest in real estate. More millionaires have been made in real estate than any other asset.

This publication is available as hardcopy and downloadable on Amazon, as well as being available as an audio download on Audible.

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